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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
About This Pledge Drive

For updates on our project, upcoming meet-ups in Seattle, Olympia and Portland, including special posts of thanks to all backers please see our blog at - Thank you! We love you all. :)

Where are the pledge drive forms and how do I submit funds to your pledge drive?
That will appear on this website soon, promise.      :)

When is The World Premier of the first half of the film (a work-in-progress)?
The World Premier of the first half will take place at the S.U.R.G.E Film Festival in Austin, TX in March 2011.  S.U.R.G.E  is not affiliated with SXSW, but it is a great help to audiences hoping to see our film that SURGE takes place during the Annual SXSW Annual Event, one of the biggest events in the country.  South by Southwest (SXSW) is a set of interactive, film and music festivals and conferences that take place every spring in Austin, Texas.  SXSW is one of the largest festivals in the United States with more than 2,100 performers playing in more than 80 venues.  The event has grown from 600 registrants in 1987 to over 11,000 registrants.  The film and interactive events attract approximately 11,000 registrants to Austin every March.  This makes it the perfect interactive scene to premier the interactive, Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides Film!

When is The World Premier of the completed film? The Portland, Oregon premier will take place in Portland in May, 2011 during the Third Annual Love Unlimited Film Festival.  We are happy to note that it will take place a couple of days before the start of Portland, Oregon's most attended event of each year: the 104th Annual Rose Festival.  This not only gives everyone a double incentive to travel to Portland for our Premier but hopefully it will make it easier to share rides with someone going which helps with making this an environmentally sustainable event.

For one hundred years, the Portland Rose Festival has served families and individuals from Oregon and beyond with several weeks of events and programs that spotlight the Pacific Northwest heritage and environment while offering colorful examples of many international cultures. Attended by more than two million people, the festival is annually one of the top three most highly decorated events by the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) and in 2007 was named Best Festival in the World.   The Love Unlimited Film Festival is not affiliated with the Rose Festival but we look forward to our Film being surrounded with such color and emotion!

Can I make a pledge and send someone the pledge appreciation gifts? YES! 

What happens if we raise our goal? We'll start filming the second half of our film in the following amazing bicycle rider loving cities:

~Portland, Oregon and
~Olympia, Washington

What happens if we raise a little more than our goal?
This is more than a film, it is a glimpse of a love-in-action project flying and set free through film and through printed art work!  Love means many things to many people but it will always mean openness, compassion and selflessness.  This is why if we are able to raise just a little more than our goal we will be able to improve the film quality through numerous technological improvements but, more importantly, it gives us the ability to reach out to others and donate many copies of our film.  We will donate copies of our film and graphic novel to at least the first 100 non-profit or community service groups and organizations that our backers recommend.  We are interested in spreading love and magic to those groups serving the elderly, the physically challenged and those who could use an extra smile.  We don't want to simply send out copies that might not ever get used due to an organization's institutional policies.  We want to take your recommendations based on the non-profit organizations that you, our backers and supporters, are involved with and recommend.

What happens if we raise a LOT more than our goal? If we raise a LOT more than our goal the world will open up to the community inclusive and personal empowerment dreams of what this film is destined to be.  The extra funds will give us the ability to greatly expand the film to the heights and dreams that we dare to envision.  If you are a film fan, you may have experienced that amazing sensation of watching your favorite DVD and then listening to the soundtrack CD or watching the 'special features' section of a DVD and saying to yourself, “Wow!  The special features, the bloops, extra scenes and soundtrack were every bit as enjoyable as the actual movie!” So we hope the second half of our filming and the specially selected independent artists that we choose for the soundtrack, combined, will enable the fully completed film to reward your support with a unique and timeless film that will bring together the magic from several of the most well known bicycle rider loving cities that we will film in:

Filming Schedule
~Portland, Oregon - Feb 22-27, 2011 (already scheduled if we meet our minimum goal)
~Olympia, Washington – March 1st-5th, 2011 (already scheduled if we meet our minimum goal)
~Austin, Texas – March 11th, 2011
~San Francisco, California – March 20th, 2011
~Santa Monica, California - March 22nd-23rd, 2011
~Undetermined, small rural, farm town in California – March 26th, 2011

If we do raise more than our goal, it will also give us the extra needed time and funds to have a community dinner potluck at a reserved, large community venue.  We envision this below schedule:
Schedule of Gratitude, Hugs, Hope and Free Community Dinner Potlucks to take time to personally thank our backers of every level in person.

(Two hours will be set aside in each city during the community potlucks.  Exact location and time will be announced to backers later.) ~Portland, Oregon - Feb 27th, 2011
~Olympia, Washington – March 5th, 2011
~Austin, Texas – March 14th, 2011

(The day after the World Premiere of the First Half of the Film)
~San Francisco, California – March 20th, 2011
~Santa Monica, California - March 23rd, 2011
~Undetermined, small rural, town in California – March 26th, 2011

We also want to take photos during these community potlucks and include them with the Photobooklet.

Remember, we can only film and achieve all of those goals in those cities if we raise a lot more than our goal.  But we will do more than this as this is an interactive film project based on how we love, how we move... created by you! In addition, the extra funds, will also enable us to create a special featurette film while simultaneously filming Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides.  You never get a second chance to create a “making of” film once the film is finished being made. This is because once the film set and 'scenes' are gone you can no longer effectively capture 'behind-the-scenes' footage.  So we would like to be able to create a film which documents 'the making of' this film.  'Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides' is more than simply a work of art that can be placed into a category or genre of 'film', 'graphic novel' or 'photograph booklet.'  What we are creating is a seamless interweaving of cinema, graphic arts, and photographs simultaneously creating a story, witnessing the blossoming of a dream, that would best be described by a new genre such as “Community Empowered Cinematic Arts Novel.” This film seeks to create a new, international community format of bringing graphic novel artists, musicians and independent filmmakers together to simultaneously collaborate on a dream! 

We are living in an exciting time for independent graphic artists, musicians and filmmakers because with services like Kickstarter, the Internet and affordable, high-definition film equipment and editing software, for one of the first times in history artists, musicians and filmmakers can unite, organize, collaborate freely and distribute their arts and media to a supportive arts community all over the world while supporting their local communities. All of this while still creating a  work of art so excellent and incredible that theaters, radio stations and bookstores will feature it all over the world.  The name of this special feature 'making of' film will be: “The Liberation of Dreams: The Making of Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides.”  We plan to place this special featurette film online and enable all of our backers of all levels to watch it free of charge if it becomes too long to fit into the DVD's special feature section.

How are you able to do all this on such a small budget?
Many of the items that standard films have (such as lavish catered lunches, luxury mobile dressing rooms, multi-million dollar actors, etc) we don't have at all so that we can make sure that this film is accomplished with as small a budget as possible and yet still manage to become completed in the most magical way as possible.  We are also very fortunate to have more and more people volunteering their skilled services to make this project happen.  In addition we have several volunteers who have worked extensively with Alternative Spring Break programs so we are fortunate to have an Alternative Spring Break Road Trip Film Crew program assisting many of the portions of the film that require traveling.  

What happens during the Alternative Spring Break (ASB) Road Trip Film Crew?

We will leave Olympia, Washington on March 19th, 2011 and travel to Santa Monica, California (stopping and filming in San Francisco and other points along the way) and arrive back in Olympia, Washington on the evening of March 27th, 2011. We will also pick up members of the ASB Road Trip Film Crew who live in Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California.  When traveling back to Olympia we will also stop in a small town or rural area.  For thousands of years community art, music, dance and other forms of media were inseparable from empowering and inspiring the people around you.  In many ways what we are doing is new and unparalleled but, in giving credit and respect to artists of the past, it is important to understand that, in essence, what we are doing is nothing new at all: it is a very simple return to merging Love, Compassion and inclusion of the community with the arts.  It is a simple return to the root of all community and artistic knowledge: the love and the manner in which you take the journey is every bit as important as the destination and the goal.

Is there a possibility of being an Extra, Volunteer or member of the Road Trip Film Crew on this Journey? Yes, we look forward to it!  We have placed the dates of all of our public planning meet-ups that are taking place across the country on our website.  Our entire film schedule, taking place February 2011 through March 2011, on the calendar of our website which is completely interactive and able to be easily printed.  You can also download the schedule on our calendar page to your smartphones and online calendars.  Also, there will be opportunities for hundreds of extras to appear in our film in Portland, Oregon, Olympia, Washington, Santa Monica, California and Austin, Texas. We will announce the exact details for all opportunities first to all of our backers of every level and then announce the opportunities on our public email list found on our website.  This film will only become a reality with the support of our community of backers and so we desire to have as many of our backers involved as possible!

When will I receive my pledge appreciation gifts if the goal is met? We will mail the gifts to you directly after the May 2011 World Premiere of the completed film in Portland, Oregon.  We believe many of you will come to the World Premiere so we are looking forward to handing the gifts to you in person and giving out dozens and hopefully hundreds of hugs to thank you in person.  We also look forward to mailing the pledge gifts to those of you who can't make it to the world premiere.  We're actually planning an all ages B.Y.O.B.B. (Bring Your Own Best Bike Story) party to take place in Portland, Oregon after the World Premier but shhh!  The exact time and address will only be given to each and every one of our backers no matter what the level!

What can I do to help spread the word? Let people know about us in any way that you can!  Our website has tools at the bottom of each page to enable you to share it with over 140 email, blog and social networking services.  We also have an amazing flyer that you can print out and place in your favorite bicycle shop, organization and anywhere that has a bulletin board.  It is found here:

Flyer #1.

Once in a lifetime every person has a chance to be a part of something so real and true that touches everyone in such a magic way that it can only be described as a dream.  A dream that can forever change the course of history.  We invite you to join us in the journey of creating this dream: Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides!
Your support can make this happen!

We Love you all, from all of us,
from the bottom of our hearts to the top of the sky... where dreams and beautiful bike rides fly!
Stephanie Snyder-Soulseed
Director of the Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides Film and Project and

T Love
-cofounder, Director of the Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides Film and Project

The Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Ride Project

The Film, the Graphic Novel, the PhotoBooklet: The Dream... and so much more.


To learn more about us personally please visit the 'about' page on our website.  Thank you!  Also, please follow our twitter account.  Over 1,300 people follow our twitter account and we'll follow everyone who follows us.

"I am only one, but still I am one.
I cannot do everything, but still I can do something;
And because I cannot do everything
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do."

               ~ Helen Keller ~

    "I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel...the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood."
    ~Susan B. Anthony's thoughts about the bicycle.

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