What is a crowdsourced 'Alternative Spring Break' Crowdsourced film?

Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides encourages students to get involved in our 2011 Alternative Spring Break Crowdsourced film project!

An Alternative Spring break is a trip where a group of students of any age engage in volunteer service, typically for a week. Alternative break trips originated with college students in the early 1980s as a counter to "traditional" spring break trips.

Crowdsourcing is defined as:

"the act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, to an undefined, large group of people or community (a crowd), through an open call.  Jeff Howe, one of first authors to employ the term, established that the concept of crowdsourcing depends essentially on the fact that because it is an open call to an undefined group of people, it gathers those who are most fit to perform tasks, solve complex problems and contribute with the most relevant and fresh ideas."

Below is an trailer video showing an example of a crowdsourced film (not affiliated with Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides).

YouTube  has offered its first sneak peek of the Ridley Scott-produced, crowd-sourced documentary Life in a Day before the film’s world premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival on January 27.

The clip, shot by Toniu Xou and Patricia Marinez del Hoyoa of Spain, features a young girl climbing a “human castle” in the small town of San Jaume dels Domenys in Tarragona, a Spanish province. That clip is one of 1,125 out of a total of 80,000 submitted that made the final cut for the 90-minute doc.

Life in a Day is based on an experiment in which thousands of people across the world shot video on July 24, 2010 to document a single day on earth. Since then, Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald and a group of editors have been editing the film. On January 24, YouTube is asking viewers to submit questions to Macdonald for an interactive Q&A. Macdonald will also be providing updates from the Sundance Festival during that time.

The film will also make its debut on YouTube on January 27 for no charge. In September, YouTube also launched an interactive gallery showing off some submissions.

The ambitious project, which is also said to be supported by LG Electronics, is not being distributed by a Hollywood studio and filmmakers whose work makes the cut will not be paid, though they will be credited as co-directors.

News Story appeared on Mashable.

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