Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides is an international love and sustainable transportation project that originated in the Pacific Northwest and will end with full length film, an amazing one-of-a-kind photograph booklet of production stills and a stunning graphic novel!  This film will promote love, peace and using bikes as a sustainable and community building form of transportation.  Filming for the first half of the film has already been finished!  We are now filming for the second half of the film!  In the second half of the film we will take submissions by writing, audio or video of people telling their most loving, magical, exciting or dramatic bicycle related stories.  We will also personally visit a few cities and film on location.  The graphic novel will also feature our special guest artists bringing their stories to life in stunning detail.

People all over the world are looking at man-made environmental disasters such as oil spills and asking what measures they can take to respond so that our world doesn't rely on oil so much.  Using bikes and promoting the use of bikes is one of those measures.  We have sent the first half of our film to film festivals and we are very proud to say that the first half of our film (work-in-progress) will premier at the Fifth Annual International Social Uprising, Resistance and Grassroots Encouragement (S.U.R.G.E.!) Film Festival in Austin, Texas in March 2011 (which takes place during the annual SXSW interactive arts event*) as part of their new and emerging interactive film projects spotlight!  SURGE is an Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Qualifying film festival which means our film will have the honor of being featured on IMDB.  Our completed film, which will be finished in April 2011, has also been guaranteed a spot at the Third Annual Love Unlimited Film Festival and Arts Exhibition which takes place in Portland, Oregon in May 2011.

When is The World Premier of the first half of the film (a work-in-progress)?

The World Premier of the first half will take place at the S.U.R.G.E Film Festival in Austin, TX in March 2011.  S.U.R.G.E  is not affiliated with SXSW, but it is a great help to audiences hoping to see our film that SURGE takes place during the Annual SXSW Annual Event, one of the biggest events in the country.  South by Southwest (SXSW) is a set of interactive, film and music festivals and conferences that take place every spring in Austin, Texas.  SXSW is one of the largest festivals in the United States with more than 2,100 performers playing in more than 80 venues.  The event has grown from 600 registrants in 1987 to over 11,000 registrants.  The film and interactive events attract approximately 11,000 registrants to Austin every March.  This makes it the perfect interactive scene to premier the interactive, Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides Film!

When is The World Premier of the completed film?

 The Portland, Oregon premier will take place in Portland in May, 2011 during the Third Annual Love Unlimited Film Festival.  We are happy to note that it will take place a couple of days before the start of Portland, Oregon's most attended event of each year: the 104th Annual Rose Festival.  This not only gives everyone a double incentive to travel to Portland for our Premier but hopefully it will make it easier to share rides with someone going which helps with making this an environmentally sustainable event.

For one hundred years, the Portland Rose Festival has served families and individuals from Oregon and beyond with several weeks of events and programs that spotlight the Pacific Northwest heritage and environment while offering colorful examples of many international cultures. Attended by more than two million people, the festival is annually one of the top three most highly decorated events by the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) and in 2007 was named Best Festival in the World.   The Love Unlimited Film Festival is not affiliated with the Rose Festival but we look forward to our Film being surrounded with such color and emotion!

Stephanie Snyder-Soulseed, on her wedding day.  Stephanie is helping to organize the Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides project.


Oral History Skills

Stephanie Snyder-SoulSeed

Among Stephanie Snyder-SoulSeed's many qualifications are her award winning Performance Piece in Mesa, Arizona's National History Day Competition 2000.

2000-Best History on WWII- Turning Points In History: Japanese Internment
2000-Best in State Performance Piece- Turning Points In History: Japanese Internment
2000- Arizona Representative to National Competition

"All categories of National History Day competition are challenging...but Performances might be the most challenging. Group performances require all of the above plus cooperation and teamwork, both in preparation and delivery. Qualifying for the national finals in the Performance category is a lifetime achievement."

"National History Day [NHD] makes history come alive for America's youth by engaging them in the discovery of the historic, cultural and social experiences of the past. Through hands-on experiences and presentations, today's youth are better able to inform the present and shape the future. NHD inspires children through exciting competitions and transforms teaching through project-based curriculum and instruction."

"As a part of a three person group I conducted primary and secondary research on the chosen topic of Japanese internment during WWII. Through exploring Libraries, archives and museums, oral history interviews, and local historic sites we developed a new understanding of our Arizona neighborhoods, history and ourselves. Matching the theme "Turning Points in American History" to our curiosity and outrage at this under-acknowledged element in America's past we used theater as a tool of engagement, education, and inspiration. Our efforts communicated that only through remembering and story telling can we say... never again... Only through claiming history can this be seen as a turning point.

"We were awarded Best in State in the Performance category, Best WWII History, and Best Arizona History in this contest judged by professional educators and historians. We represented Arizona in the year, 2000, Washington DC National contest."

What are people saying about Stephanie Snyder-Soulseed?

Dear friends,

“It is with pleasure that we write about the many gifts and talents that belong to Stephanie Snyder-Soulseed.”

“Without question, Stephanie is a natural, respectful community organizer… Her strong leadership qualities ensured that 275+ low-income individuals were empowered to grow healthy food and have greater access to improved nutrition!  Her contribution to our community’s health and positive development are indeed powerful and lasting.

“Stephanie thrives in a collaborative setting where ideas can be respectfully exchanged, built upon, and challenged.  She is an excellent employee and an outstanding supervisor for those working with her.  We know from experience that any person, group, or institution will benefit from her presence and involvement.”

~Garden-Raised Bounty (GRuB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to nourishing community by empowering people to grow good food.  As the GRuB Kitchen Garden Project (KGP) Coordinator, Stephanie was responsible for the free vegetable garden program that benefits low-income people in Thurston and Mason Counties in Washington State.

T Love. T is helping to organize the Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides project.

What are people saying about T Love?

Hello T,

I have looked at all of your materials extensively and now feel we must have your involvement considering our theme.  After looking over everything, I would very much like to invite you to not only conduct a workshop at our conference, but deliver a keynote address ...what I most appreciated seeing and what I think our attendees and potential attendees need to hear is how starting some great alternative "program, project..." is not cut and dry as it may seem.  The way in which folks put themselves out to their community and the world and structure their organizations is crucial to the development of true multi-cultural/racial communities--not simply because you put a non-discrimination statement on the bottom of your material!  I would like to officially invite you to deliver a keynote and conduct a workshop or two at our conference." 
~Annual Alternative Education Resource Organization Conference.  The Education Revolution.
Hosted by the Alternative Education Resource Organization


To Whom It May Concern:

I am a physician working with Patch Adams's Gesundheit! Institute  (G!I).  My role is caretaker of the 300+ acre future hospital site in West Virginia.  In that capacity I organize workshops and conferences.  I have been privileded to meet many activists and visionaries doing this work.

I have known T since January 2006.  He has taught several workshops and given presentations here since that time. T Gave a presentation at our Alternative Winter Break Session, during which Vanderbilt University students were guests at G!I. The presentation was titled "Media Empowerment and the Quest for A Better World."  It was a very interactive presentation which involved three break out groups of students creating a one minute 'documentary' and then seeing the end results on a monitor.  The final results were so appreciated by the students that they requested and watched their finished 3-minute video three times over the following two days.

In January 2007, T gave two more presentations during the 2007 Health Care Justice Gathering.

On a personal level we found T to be extraordinairly easy to work with: he is collaborative, concensus-building, sensitive to the needs of others, offers feedback in constructive ways, firmly supports his positions without being argumentative, and walks his talk of non-violence.  We would welcome him back.

Please support his work.

In peace,


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