Love and Equality Project


Needed: Musicians/Bands with Songs about Love (or Social Justice) for our film, to play/promote. Musicians of all types and LGBTQ welcome.

We are looking for Musicians to play love songs or social justice songs in our film project and to help promote it. Each musician or band would have exactly five minutes to play. This means we have time and space for about 20 musicians and bands in a 2 hour music video documentary. In regards to promoting, all you have to do is spread the word by email or social networking services like twitter of facebook. We greatly welcome all types of musicians, bands and songs.

We will use indiegogo to raise funds for this project. Indiegogo was created to be a place where supporters can gather around a project and help witness it come to life by pledging a donation towards it. Not only is it a fundraising platform, it's also a way to create a bond between the project creators and those who want to support it. From the indiegogo website a campaign for funding can be created and managed. The first step is to have a project. Indiegogo states that projects with large teams of people tend to have more success for obvious reasons so we are trying to find a team of people.

The project that we desire to submit is one in which each musician or filmmaker has 5 minutes of time in the DVD. We would pay for a professional videographer with a HD camera to film you in a world class professional recording studio that we have used many times. The studio has recorded bands such as Soundgarden, Tori Amos, Taj Mahal, Kill Rock Stars and recorded music for major movies such as the Basketball Diaries and more.

We are based in Olympia, but the studio is in Seattle and you are welcome to live anywhere to be a part of this project and travel to Seattle for the professional recording studio and video shoot. There are no advance meet ups required.

You would still own all the rights to your music and material. We place this in a written agreement so there is no misunderstandings. This is a non-profit project so the pay is having your work in a DVD and we will provide meals. The DVD will not be sold but given away free and posted on youtube.

We have created over 5 not-for-profit films so far and can send you youtube links to all of them in advance.

What are we looking for now?

We are looking for musicians who want to play in our film project and help promote it. The song that you play must deal with either love or social justice. Even if most of your most does not focus on love or social justice if you can find one song that does we are interested in working with you. We don't want any type of song that puts people down. The funds raised on indiegogo would be used for the film, studio, cameraman and administration of the project. If this interests you please contact us.

If you see this ad on this blog page still up, we are still looking for people.  Please use our below contact form.

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